Scores on the Doors - how it works and why you should take it seriously in your food business

Launched in 2005/6, Scores on the Doors is a new national public information service that allows the general public to instantly tell how well your food business is performing in terms of food and premises hygiene.

It’s currently rolling out nationally and will be on its way to every region and every food business; in the UK during 2010/11. There are 125+ councils already implementing the scheme and over 155,000 food businesses already listed.

Termed by some as a ‘name and shame’ approach to improving food business hygiene standards this scheme is intended to reinforce laws passed Europe wide in 2006. In a nutshell Scores on the Doors allows the general public to view information from your local Environmental Health Officers most recent visits, including an overall star rating of between zero and 5 stars.

Ratings systems using 0-5 stars are already familiar to the general public, have been common place within hospitality & catering industry for decades, however they have more recently become the primary way of making purchasing decisions practically everywhere online (Amazon ratings, buyer feedback etc).

Is the scheme compulsory?

The scheme is compulsory in that all food businesses throughout the UK serving the public will be awarded a rating of between zero and five stars based on a visit by your local Environmental Health Officer. Information on your food business is supplied to the public via a national website, a star rating certificate to be displayed in (or on) your business, and increasingly a range of other innovate ways explained below.

So what... what’s the impact on your business?

The economic down turn has produced a highly competitive climate of reduced consumer spend on restaurants and takeaway meals.  Its almost certain that Scores on the Doors scheme is set to become one of the key determining factors in who gets a potential customers business, and which businesses survive and which don’t.

Get zero stars from your EHO and you will get a notice to improve and a rapid follow up visit. Get zero twice and you will be closed down. Get a low score and potential customers will lose confidence, even regulars who you probably rely on for trade. Get a lower score than the business next door and chances are they will go there.

Score on the doors & the iPhone

Anyone can now find out how hygienic and well-managed the food preparation at any of the premises listed including favourite take-aways, clubs, pubs and restaurants, even their local sandwich shop.  A recently launched free iPhone app that allows smart phone users to simply point their phone handset outside a food business’s door on their high street will instantly tell them a caterers current star rating between zero and 5 stars, plus a summary of the EHOs comments.


What has this got to do with the Safer Food System?

So what’s the solution for your food business?  Aim for 5 stars with the help of The Safer Food System, it’s that simple.

Your EHO will be reassured and the likelihood of you scoring 5 stars will increase dramatically? Why? Aside of it actually being law that you must now have a working and documented Food Safety Management system, implementing the system will address all the likely fail points in your business that would otherwise prevent you being awarded 5 stars.

“You simply cannot score 5 stars (or even 4 stars) without a working food safety management system”.


The Safer Food System is the quickest and easiest way to implement a Food Safety Management System within a food business. It will give you the knowledge and all the forms and documents you need to install.

The Safer Food System are commercial sponsors of the Scores on the Doors scheme and are working closely with Environmental Health Officer teams nationally and locally, helping businesses improve with a low-cost solution to implementing a food safety management system and improve their Scores on the Doors rating.

Find out your star rating now

For more information on Scores on the Doors scheme and to find out your current star rating visit more information on The Safer Food System, find out How it works or view pricing options now.