Businesses You Should Meet

  • 3663 Catering Equipment
    3663 has been trading commercial catering equipment for over 80 years, picking up various awards for quality of service and commitment. The more recent, nationally recognised Investor in Excellence standard is just one of our many awards. With over 8000 items in stock, you will usually find we’ve got what you are looking for, and at a competitive price too. As you would expect from a catering equipment supplier, we offer next day delivery on all stocked items. Simply ensure you place your order with us before 4pm for next day delivery.

  • DayMark Safety Systems
    Founded in 1989, DayMark specialises in products that assist restaurants and other food service establishments in complying with FDA and other compliance codes.
    Operating expenses are up and income is down throughout the entire food service industry. After taxes and expenses restaurants that make money, according to the National Restaurant Association, have bottom lines at 0.5 – 3.0 percent of sales. This tiny percentage is the difference between being profitable and going under, and it drives home the importance of controlling food cost. The best way to control food cost is to have a proper food-rotation system in place.
  • Adande Refrigeration
    Chiller and freezer cabinets have not changed in over 70 years. With repeated openings in hot busy kitchens the refrigeration struggles to maintain its set‐point, product temperatures rise, and electricity consumption goes through the roof.

    No matter whether you are looking to improve food quality or keep it fresh for longer, want to save money, energy or the planet, have a space problem, a hot kitchen, are fed up with the cost of maintaining your equipment, or want to be sure of complying with food safety regs, then we have what you are looking for in a simple, award winning design - the Adande Refrigerated Drawer.
  • The Sustainable Restaurant Association
    The Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA) is a national not-for-profit members’ association, providing restaurants with advice and support to help them navigate the whole spectrum of sustainability issues, with the aim of making UK restaurants global leaders in sustainability.

    As well as membership, the SRA delivers accreditation, and the accompanying good PR via an independent audit to reward members that are leading the field. The SRA also highlights issues such as declining fish stocks, food waste and animal welfare through consumer campaigns.


  • TM Electronics
    T M Electronics TME are specialists in the design and manufacture of thermometers. TME manufacture food thermometers catering thermometers and industrial thermometers. Our MM2000 waterproof thermometer is a robust high accuracy thermometer, our SOLO thermometer is a market leader in ergonomic design combining ease of use with the accuracy requirements demanded of a catering thermometer. TME offer a comprehensive range of temperature probes to be used with our waterproof food thermometer MM range. TME have a wealth of experience in thermometery and temperature measurement, please contact TME with your temperature measurement application.
  • Victor Manufacturing Ltd
    For moving, storing, and holding hot and cold foods, UK equipment producer, Victor Manufacturing can help. With more than 50 years manufacturing expertise, Victor is able to deliver an extensive range of catering equipment suitable for a wide range of organisations, including hotels, restaurants, hospitals, sporting arenas and educational establishments. Known for its innovative Bains Marie and hot cupboard prowess, Victor also specialise in made to measure foodservice counters – all handled and managed efficiently through the company’s comprehensive network of national  and local distributors.