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Food Safety Managment System offer priceHelping you get your food business ready for a world of sales opportunities descending on the UK. Are you ready for the London 2012 Olympics. We are offering a great price for both the Essentials and Pro Editions of the Safer Food System. Food Safety Management Systems made simple.

Take advantage of this year's offer price and get your business to the top of its game.

What do all food businesses have in common in the UK?

What do a global hotel chain and the smallest takeaway have in common? Both are governed by an identical UK Food Safety Law that states, irrespective of goliath or minnow status, both must implement the same systems to prevent food borne illness. This system is called a ‘Food Safety Management System’ and it must incorporate ‘HACCP’ principles.

That’s where The Safer Food System comes in. We’ve invested years designing the ultimate Food Safety Management System for caterers, so you don’t have to. It’s built on HACCP principles, it’s online and downloadable. Choose from 4 editions incl a new Free Fundamentals Edition that gets you started. Then simply logon, watch videos, download your system, and implement into your business. It’s that simple.

The result? You comply with the Law, reduce waste and improve your business. You’ll also significantly improve your chances of a 5* rating in the new Score on the Doors food business rating system, currently rolling out across the entire UK.

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  • It’s the Law
    ALL food businesses in the UK must have a documented Food Safety Management system; it's now LAW.

    (The Food Hygiene Regulations Act 2006' - Regulation (EC) No. 852/2004).
    More on HACCP & UK Law in Food Safety Law
  • What is HACCP?
    HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points. It is basically the process of identifying possible threats to food safety, and setting acceptable limits for each, and systems and procedures to ensure food production stays within these safe limits.
    More HACCP explanation in FAQ's
  • What is the Safer Food System?
    Simply put, The Safer Food System is an online learning package & downloadable Food Safety Management System in-one that complies fully with UK Law. It’s the Fastest & Easiest way to implement a Food Safety Management System with HACCP principles.
    More information in How It Works


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