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Food Safety and HACCP

Course and System Highlights

  • FSMS course features and editions

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    The Food Safety Management System online course and downloadable system includes the latest cutting edge technology using video to incorporate accelerated learning. Interactive and informative to watch. Videos show live kitchens, award winning chefs and award winning retail premises to help you understand and set up your own food safety management system. It's as close to face-to-face training as is possible.

    Included with the Essentials edition are 128 exclusive short videos delivering you quick learning & insights, full understanding of HACCP & how to assess risks in your food business, 48 downloadable forms and full guidance you will need to create an FSMS, searchable database of common questions and answers, 33 chapters of written well organised materials.

    The Pro edition includes everything from the Essentials edition plus a level 3 ASET qualification & certificate, nationally recognized, & unlimited online exam re-sits, personal help from your own expert tutor (the actual course developers & presenters), and online 'Action planner' system to help you learn and build your own system more quickly.

  • Why do I need an FSMS and how does it help me?
  • How do I use it and how do I study?
  • Key subjects covered in the FSMS course
  • Which edition do I need - Essentials or Pro?

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