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Food Safety and HACCP

Course and System Highlights

  • FSMS course features and editions
  • Why do I need an FSMS and how does it help me?
  • How do I use it and how do I study?
  • Key subjects covered in the FSMS course
  • Which edition do I need - Essentials or Pro?

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    The Essentials Edition gives you Interactive Videos split into easy to understand sections Help Guides, All the Forms & Documents needed, Grouping Process Flow Charts, A comprehensive question & answer section that is updated weekly to help you with the most frequently asked questions.

    This package is designed to help you understand what is needed, how to recognize & control hazards, what to do if something goes wrong & how to monitor & verify your system. You do not have to create a single document, they are all prepared for you!

    The Pro Edition includes every feature of the Essential Edition PLUS a unique 'Ask the Expert' e-mail system. At any stage, if you are unsure of the next step, you can e-mail a question. There is no limit to the amount of questions you can ask. Also it includes a final assessment section that rewards you with a nationally recognized, Level 3 Qualification, and an action planner system to help you study and build your FSMS quicker.

    The Essential Edition costs £149 + VAT and the Pro Edition costs £359 + VAT. To buy it just click on the buy page and choose which edition you'd prefer and you can pay online and get started immediately. Alternatively you can contact us to pay via invoice or discuss bulk copies.


Experts and Accreditation

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