The Safer Food Team

The Safer Food System, a three year investment in designing the ultimate Food Safety Management System (FSMS), is developed & presented by leading UK food safety experts Marcus Kilvington and Nick Eastwood.

Marcus and Nick each have over twenty years food business experience working for, and latterly coaching and training, well known national and international food retailers and manufacturers.

  • Nick Eastwood "We've invested 18 months in developing and filming this product partnered with Tribal Media Ltd. It's the most comprehensive, easy to understand.
  • Marcus Kilvington
    "We've invested 18 months in developing and filming this product partnered with Tribal Media Ltd. It's the most comprehensive, easy to understand.

  • Between 2005 and 2010 they developed East GB Ltd, a successful food safety training and consultancy specialising in helping food businesses achieve the mandatory Level 2 Food Handler Certificate, and implement their own Food Safety Management System incorporating those HACCP principles.

    The genesis of the Safer Food System...

  • “We noticed that Food businesses consistently struggled to understand some of the more complex points about HACCP and Food Safety Management Systems” Marcus Kilvington, director of The Food Safety Group comments. “Actually designing and implementing a Food Safety Management System within a food business was proving too problematic for the average caterer to achieve”. 

    The only alternatives a caterer had were employing food safety consultant to design and implement a system (often prohibitively expensive), or attending a face-to-face training course (too time consuming and even then left the business having to design their own FSMS from scratch). 

  • “That was the genesis of the idea for the Safer Food System” Nick Eastwood fellow director at The Safer Group comments. “From the start we wanted to deliver both meaningful knowledge about HACCP, and at the same time provide the caterer with something close to a finished working Food Safety Management System they could quickly complete and implement”.

    It made complete sense for this to be delivered online, reducing the cost to the caterer and making it completely flexible with no attendance problems. In 2008 East GB Ltd teamed up with a web developers and online learning company to produce the first prototype Safer Food System.  And in 2010 the businesses effectively merged in order to concentrate on perfecting and roll out the Safer Food System.

Guest experts

Other experts featured include guest appearances from Stephen Harrison, award winning Executive Chef at Magna Science and Adventure Centre, Rotherham, plus staff from award winning food producer and retailer Gonalston Farm Shop in Nottinghamshire. Sincere thanks to Magna Science and Adventure centre (, and to Gonalston Farm shop for their cooperation in filming on-location (


Expert help

Both Marcus and Nick feature on many of the instructional videos (up to ‘how to’ 150 videos depending on the Edition you choose), and developed the downloadable HACCP forms, templates and HelpGuides over a 3 year period of testing in businesses.

Additionally if, you choose the Pro or Elite Edition, Marcus and Nick will personally be the actual support tutors supporting you in achieving  a fast and easy implementation of a robust and effective FSMS into your business.